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About JustCoz.org

JustCoz is a platform that enables charities, non-profits and NGOs to greatly increase their social media reach by way of tweet and status donations. It is a product of Mikamoni ltd, a company founded by Jeff Pulver, Ronen Raz and Yotam Troim.

It all started when we sat down and talked about ways in which people can donate their voices to causes they cared about and after some brainstorming, we arrived at the idea of JustCoz. JustCoz is a platform in development that enables people to donate a tweet a day to causes which they are passionate about.

We decided to create a relay network for potentially every charity, non-profit organization and NGO in the world  that will allow it to be heard beyond its social graph (which many times does not fully represent the magnitude of the audience supporting their cause) while we as a platform remain as unheard to the crowd and as transparent to the broadcaster as possible.

The way we see it, right now getting a message across to large audiences depends on too many circumstantial factors that we wanted to overcome.

A message from someone you know personally is 5 times more likely to trigger an action.

Building on what is known as the “donation by action” paradigm, we bring forward the utilization of social power into the realm of passion. JustCoz enables people to make a difference by exposing their audience to messages which reflect their owns set of values and truths, and everything is done automatically, without the need to repeatedly engage in sorting through messages for those worth repeating.

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