Some of the ways we help

With the Help of a few of our friends (currently over 20,000) reaching out to over 36,000,000  people, we have been able to help raise awareness and to fund organizations in the constant struggle to #StopChildAbuse – and with your continued support and help, we will accomplish much more!

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Check out a few of the ways we have been able to help

We partnered with UNICEF USA’S Initiative END TRAFFICKING

To Help Raise Awareness of Child Trafficking

We partnered with National CASA to raise awareness and ask the question

“What is CASA for Children?”


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We assisted the International Justice Mission with the #LocustEffect

 In coordination with the International Justice Mission, we utilized our donated tweets to help launch the #LocustEffect.

The campaign to end everyday violence.

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We helped to sponsor a UK based film company with the funding needed to distribute a short film addressing child abuse.


“Some Things”


We assisted UNICEF with the campaign to #ENDviolence

In coordination with UNICEF, we utilized our donated tweets to send out a message to #ENDviolence 


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When you Donate a Tweet you become part of a growing group of individuals who help protect our children from predators like these that were either identified or found and captured within 24 hours of our broadcast tweet.





We were able to assist in the funding needed for the film “No One Knows”.




“Hugs not Slugs”  T-shirt campaign raised over $2,600 for


You helped Mission Kids win a $25,000 grant to help abused and neglected children

With Your Help We Can Do So Much More!

join our twitter campaign to #StopChildAbuse

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